Bembridge and Kent Chambers (BKC) is a Nigerian firm of solicitors and barristers with over 3 decades of experience in general law practice with particular emphasis on all branches of commercial law. With the experience garnered in more than 30 years of keen and concerted law practice one can say, without conceit, that BKC has the necessary expertise and is well-suited to provide cost-effective and competent legal service to its diverse clientele in the varied spheres of solicitors’ work as well as adversarial litigation in the court room.
Foreign or multinational companies desirous of doing business in Nigeria are required by Nigerian law to operate through a locally incorporated company and they usually carry on their business in Nigeria through a specifically incorporated local subsidiary of the foreign parent company. BKC has severally assisted to expediently incorporate such local or Nigerian subsidiaries of foreign or multinational companies as well as obtain the requisite work permit and expatriate quota that may be required by foreign personnel of such companies in order to legally work in Nigeria.
BKC’s  motto - fide et opera - perhaps best encapsulates the firm’s abiding faith in the virtue of industry and not ever giving up unless and until a satisfactory legal solution is expediently attained for the always paramount interest of its client.
Being a general law practice, albeit one with particular focus on commercial briefs, BKC is adept at all manner of civil litigation in all the hierarchies of Nigerian courts be they State or Federal courts.